Learn about some of our favorite features for your pest and animal control business.
GPS Tracking
With a fully featured mobile application, technicians check in when they arrive to a job. You can see where your team members are in real time along with job status updates.

If a client calls requesting an update its easy for the office to confirm the start, progress, and finish of a job. Also, ensure your employees close out jobs before leaving the job site.

If a last minute job comes in, easily assign the closest free technician.

Flexible Job Scheduling
Schedule contracted jobs months in advance with our robust recurring scheduling system. Schedule jobs on any recurring pattern along with follow-up jobs on an alternate schedule to meet your most complex customer needs.

For last minute jobs, save time and improve your customer facing experience by directly assigning to the closest available team member.

Text Notification

With text notifications built in, when a job change occurs the system will automatically text the technician associated with the job.

If there is a last minute cancellation or an urgent new job the text notification will alert the team member so they do not miss the schedule changes. In addition, their in-app schedule will also reflect the changes.

Track Chemicals, Bait Stations, Inventory and more
PestFocus Pro tracks all your inventory centrally with an easy way for technicians to check off what products were used in what job.

Integrated chemical tracking means accurate and timely measurements, reducing wastage and mistakes. Tracking reports show where and when your chemicals were used for internal and statutory reporting.

Easy Invoicing and Payment Collection
Ensure accurate and automated invoicing. Use the Invoice Template Setup, customize your own logo, footer and payment terms and have the system email invoices to your customers.

For the more complex contracts, invoicing can be scheduled to meet the most demanding customers. Set and forget.

Finally, receive payments online or through the mobile application when the technician is on site.

Billing Management System
Manage all your business receivables in one place! No need to use any external applications as PestFocus Pro has it all built in.

Our Customer Billing portal shows you detailed information and analysis of a customer’s open balance, open invoices, credits, pre-payments and more.

In addition, extensive financial reporting allows you to produce detailed reporting to keep your CPA happy!


The mobile application supports the attachment of photos, videos, contracts, voice notes to jobs to assist in return visits and enable your technicians to be highly efficient. More jobs in less time.

Much much more…

Team Management

Create teams, set team leader management

Customer Management

Use PestFocus Pro as your business CRM

Payment Integration

Payment Processing with the vendor of your choice

Activities Log

Every change and update is logged to capture who

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