Are you becoming a pest to your team? Do you find yourself continuously reaching out to get updates on their job progress? Is your office manager constantly reaching out to get the location of your field techs? Are your customers suffering from the lag in job updates from your team? Imagine having the ability to track your team without constant texts back and forth, and having the ability to provide updates instantly to clients. It is possible! There is a way you can create efficiencies within your business that work to enhance your client’s experience. Here’s how pest control companies are schedule-calendarimproving customer experiences with PestFocus Pro.

Job Scheduling Made Easy

In your line of business, you are bound to get last-minute requests from clients now and then. Don’t add stress to yourself or your team with pesky phone calls to locate your team to fulfill those requests. PestFocus Pro’s GPS tracking feature allows you to see where your team members are to assign the closest technician easily. When you have this insight on-hand, it saves you time and can improve your customer’s experience with your company by acting quickly on their requests.

In addition to last-minute job assignments, PestFocus Pro has a robust recurring scheduling system. With the ability to schedule jobs on any recurring pattern and follow-up jobs, you will be able to meet your most complex customers’ needs. And your clients can rest easy knowing that they have a recurring appointment with your company.

Progress At The Touch of a Button

Eliminate the texts back and forth to get a status update from your field techs. Our app allows your field techs to share their progress every step of the way. Technicians can continue to focus on their work and get it completed quickly without the distracting text messages. You don’t have to keep your customers waiting for updates. It’s easy for you to confirm the start, progress, and finish of a job and relay that information almost instantly.

If there is a cancellation or a job change occurs, the system automatically texts the technician assigned to that job and is reflected in the app. Receiving the changes both in the app and via text ensure that they don’t miss the updates.

Let’s face it; it can be embarrassing to scramble for updates to provide your client. Even worse, your tech shows up to a job that has been canceled. PestFocus Pro gives you an advantage over the competition by helping your company work faster, efficiently, and with minimal mistakes. Streamline the communication you have with your team and create a better customer experience, and request a free demo!