Mobile is the future. Everything from paying your bills to tracking food deliveries can be done on your smartphone. Naturally, everyone is adapting to mobile, and companies are doing the same.  While they are delivering a better customer experience, companies are going mobile for their employees as well. It is especially helpful for companies in the service industry like pest control and termite businesses, where their team has to be away from the office. Mobile applications are making it easier for businesses to communicate with their team and gather necessary information.

Taking the mobile-friendly route is actually helping to create efficiencies in the workspace. You’ll want insight into their progress and whereabouts of the techs who are out in the field. Your office manager would probably appreciate eliminating the time-consuming communication back and forth with techs. And your techs can focus on the business at hand without phone calls distracting

Real-Time Updates & GPS Tracking

PestFocus Pro has designed an app specifically for pest control and termite businesses and their needs. Our app eliminates the constant communication back and forth between office managers and techs. Instead, your technicians can provide real-time updates that you and your manager can receive instantly. There is also GPS tracking so you can see where your techs are while on duty at any time. As a result, your manager gets the information they need to assign last minute jobs to your team quickly.  And your techs can continue to focus on the job at hand.

Custom Reports

Technicians also benefit from the app as they can do away with the pen and paper. PestFocus Pro allows companies to create custom reports for their team to fill out. With this being accessible to everyone, your techs will know what jobs were done and any other important details to take care of future visits. It could be as minute as “beware of the dog on the right side of the house” or as detailed as “used XYZ chemical because of ABC.” Plus, there are options to how techs can document these details because the PestFocus Pro app supports videos, images, contracts, and voice notes.

Scheduling Made Easy

Your customers also benefit from your company using PestFocus Pro. They can easily schedule recurring services and will be impressed by how knowledgeable your team is on the specifics of their service. They can avoid the usual introduction of what’s needed where or trying to remember why something was done a certain way by another tech. They also have easy access to their invoices via email and can make payments on the spot or pay later.

As the business owner, you have access to all of this and more. With all of this information from the app, you will be able to create reports to understand better how your company is performing. It can be as high-level or detailed as you need it to be to help you make important decisions. More pest control companies are switching to PestFocus Pro because it benefits, not just you and your company, but your team and client retention. Your team can work cohesively thanks to the transparency that we offer and customers will notice. Get ahead of your competition with PestFocus Pro, and request a free demo today!