glasses-on-paper-and-laptopYou’re juggling a lot of details to keep your business running smoothly, and you may have even hired an office manager to help. But, are you finding that you still can’t get a good grasp on everything to take your business to the next level? More pest control businesses are switching to PestFocus Pro to help them get a better grasp on the day-to-day activity, and to see the bigger picture to take their business to the next level. Here’s why pest control and termite business owners are making the move:


You will have complete control of your business with PestFocus Pro. No more running after your field techs to find out when they will be finished with a job or where they are located to schedule a last minute request. Say goodbye to all that wasted time looking for outstanding invoices. This software allows you to track your team’s progress on jobs and get real-time updates. You can use your time more effectively when you eliminate manual tasks like scheduling jobs, invoices and collecting payments. And you can make smart, intentional decisions for your business with the real-time metrics.


PestFocus Pro is customized for your business and can grow with your business. We help you minimize the work that larger companies normally hire out for if you’re just a one-person team or simply wanting to save. Our software has the ability to grow with you, so as you grow from one-person to 100, we are able to customize and make changes as needed.


Your customers could have gone elsewhere, but they came to you for pest control and termite solutions - wow them. They will be impressed by how seamless your business is with PestFocus Pro. It will be easier for them to schedule recurring appointments knowing that you will get the job done right thanks to reports with detailed notes and information from your field technicians. Your customers will love how easy it is to pay using the app. They can pay on the spot or wait for an automatic invoice to be sent after the job is complete to pay later. Your customers that use your service for their business will be especially happy about this feature because the automatic invoices will make it easy for them to keep up with expenses.

Time + Money

They don’t say Time Is Money for nothing! Our unique software creates a workflow that will help your team work faster and more efficiently. From the time you get a client call for a new job to complete and accurate job reports from your team of technicians, we make it easy, seamless and fast. We can customize reports to include whatever your company needs, and once it is submitted by your team, you can access it immediately and anytime thereafter.  With just a few clicks, you can see how your company is doing weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

With greater control over your growing business, you have a one-up on the competition by working more efficiently for customers and eliminating time-consuming tasks. You can now focus on growing your business effectively based on the information that PestFocus Pro streamlines for you. Your business is not a one size fits all model, which is why our software isn’t either. We know you’re ready to take your business to the next level, so request a free demo today.