If you’ve owned and operated a pest control or termite business for any amount of time, you’ve likely encountered mistakes in all areas of the operation.  From billing and tech tracking to the documentation of services, simple mistakes can throw a wrench into a job.  Pest control software, like PestFocus Pro, can help keep your business error-free.  Here’s how:


Have you ever heard “I forgot to get the payment?”  Techs have a lot on their minds when they visit a home.  Between doing a through inspection, spraying, and the proper handling of sensitive chemicals, it isn’t much of a surprise that they’ve driven away from a job without receiving payment.  Pest control software, like PestFocus Pro, has a billing function in the app and prevents the tech from closing out of a job without recording the payment.  More importantly, the app is a big asset to your accounts receivable department by processing payments immediately.

Tech Tracking

One of the more frustrating things for a pest control or termite business owner is getting a call from a lost tech.   GPS can only get you so far if your tech wrote down the wrong address or even skipped a property on his work list.   Pest control software queues up jobs, and software like PestFocus Pro can quickly navigate techs to the next job.  It also sends real-time information back to the office.  Techs no longer disappear into the void for large chunks of time.  You know where they are at all times, and the app guides them from appointment to appointment.

Filling Forms Properly

You’ve probably heard every excuse as to why the paperwork is bad.   Has a tech ever shown up with lost, illegible, or inaccurate paperwork?  This causes a headache for both you and/or your office manager, and also for the client.   It never feels good to dispatch a tech out to a home a second time.   Pest control software allows techs to enter information digitally.  But, with PestFocus Pro, ever answer is legible.  As a result, a tech cannot close out a job without making sure that every mandatory entry on the form is complete.

With multiple techs and properties to juggle each day, it is imperative that you keep everything on track with accuracy.  PestFocus Pro is the one asset that helps your company tie everything together in one easy-to-use software. Request a free demo today and learn how PestFocus Pro can benefit your business.