Pest Control Office ManagerFrom opening up the office to handling all of the communication between clients and techs, you’ve done it all. And while you do it very well, are you thinking that it’s time you step back from handling the day-to-day? You know from running a successful pest control business, just how precious your time really is to handling tasks that only you can do. We understand that everything from the status check of a field tech to tracking inventory is important to your business. This is where an office manager comes in - to free up your time from those daily operations of your business.

We know how hard it can be to hand off something you’ve taken care of for so long.  Here are the benefits of hiring a pest control office manager for your company:

Team Management

The office manager can help manage your team of field techs. The office manager can find that even balance between providing the techs room to do their job and making sure that all tasks are handled properly. Since you will be busy working on building clientele, you won’t have to time to oversee the daily operations like making sure the techs fill out their forms in its entirety or are at a job on time. The office manager is there to make sure that your company is functioning smoothly.

Enforcing Policies

The office manager will also create and enforce company policies. It’s obvious that you expect your team to show up to work on time and get the job done. Without a company policy regarding punctuality or job performance and no discipline in place, how can you enforce it?  The manager will take care of these policies and help you moving forward should you run into issues with employees following them.

Office Morale

There will be days where you will rarely see your tech due to the nature of the company. That doesn’t mean that office morale should be put on the back burner.  Poor office morale can lead to a high turnover rate, which doesn’t look good, especially to loyal clients. The office manager is there to help defuse any conflicts that arise. Any internal issues, you can trust your manager to take care of it.

Client Retention

Not only can an office manager keep your team solid, but they can also keep your current clients happy. The office manager will have the time to follow up with clients to make sure their service was satisfactory. And if not, they can find ways to make it satisfactory for future service requests. Also, if a client has a last minute request, the manager can communicate with the team to ensure that the job is handled as quickly as possible by assigning the closest tech.  Happy clients mean repeat business and more referrals.

You’ll finally have the time to focus on the performance and profitability of your company, and asking yourself questions like “Should I Use Pest Control Software?” With the right office manager and a software platform tailored to fit your company’s needs, your company is bound to soar. Don’t believe us- request a free demo today!