You’ve built a successful business from the ground up.  With a steady flow of clients, you now have a team of pest control technicians to manage. And with growth, comes growing pains. Whether it’s been several months or years, it may be time to start evaluating your company’s performance. More importantly, it’s time to get more efficient work out of your pest control team.

Let Go Of The Reigns

It can be hard not to have your hands in every aspect of your business because it’s your baby, but it can have an adverse effect.   While there is nothing wrong with prioritizing quality (after all, that’s what makes a business successful), approving every small detail yourself rather than delegating it to someone else on your team can waste valuable time.


Give certain responsibilities to employees that you can trust to get the job done well. This gives your employees an opportunity to gain skills and experience that will ultimately benefit your company. Increasing productivity within the workplace isn’t just about what the employees can do better.


Feedback - Request It and Receive It

In order to create clear and concise goals for your team, you need to understand your team’s pain points as well as their successes. Delegating work is part of your job as the owner or manager of a group of employees. It’s also important to open the floor up for feedback. Managers should also give employees the chance to give their own suggestions for improvement in the workplace. Employees will feel valued when their opinions and issues are heard, and even more so when they are addressed.

You should also take this time to let employees know where they are excelling and what they need to work on. Provide positive feedback on top of any constructive criticism because it will help boost their confidence and keep them motivated to work hard.

Create Transparency

You need to understand what jobs or duties are consuming your tech’s time, in order to create efficiencies to get your techs to work more efficiently. You can get this not only via their feedback but with PestFocus Pro’s job updates feature. Your techs can keep you updated while they are in the field by checking off each job when it’s completed through our mobile application. And as your tech’s become available, you can assign them last minute jobs. This kind of insight into your tech’s day-to-day allows you to get jobs taken care of and your team will work efficiently as a result.

Provide Support

Ensure they have the resources needed (time, people, budget, training) to do their work effectively. Are there new products your company is using? A new system of tracking? Make sure that your team has thorough training to properly perform each new task or procedure you create. While you’re looking through and organizing training materials, look for ways that you can eliminate excess work. Take a look at our tech’s routine and see if there is anything you can eliminate to give employees more time to focus on higher-priority jobs.

For example, if employees are asked to write daily reports for each job, and this is time consuming, consider software that simplifies these reports. PestFocus Pro’s reporting is customized to each pest control clients’ needs to make it easy and simple for their techs to complete and gives owners and managers instant access once it’s submitted.


It’s time to get your team on the right track towards a more profitable and efficient company, and it starts with your techs. Request a free demo, and start your free trial today!