If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already looking for a change to help your pest control or termite business work more efficiently. We know that change can be scary, especially when it comes to the inner workings of your business. So to help, we’ve created a scenario list to help you decide if a pest control software is right for you.

Ask Yourself: Are you tired of wasting time printing and manually sending out dozens of invoices a month?

pestfocus proSolution: PestFocus Pro helps to streamline this process and eliminates the manual labor of invoicing. Your customers can receive an email-based invoice that is automatically sent where they can easily make online payments. And for your regular customers, the app can be set up to send automatic invoices on a monthly or quarterly basis, which is one less thing on your plate.

Ask Yourself: Are you getting a headache trying to decipher your tech’s handwriting?

Solution: Let’s face it - you didn’t hire your field techs for their exceptional handwriting skills. PestFocus Pro eliminates the headache of deciphering reports from your techs and avoiding reporting mistakes with an all-digital and customizable form specific to your business needs. Another plus is that it is filed in the system for you to access at any time.

Ask Yourself: Do you find yourself or your office manager having to constantly reach out to field techs to get a progress update to inform a client, or is there a scramble to get a last minute job to a tech that is nearby?

Solution: You will receive updates as techs check off each job instantly through the PestFocus Pro app, to eliminate constant calls and texts to your team. You’ll also be able to track your tech’s location providing an opportunity to assign last minute jobs to techs that are nearby.

Ask yourself: Are you ready for that change now?

Solution: We know that you can start to see changes in your businesses immediately after implementing PestFocus Pro into your company’s operations.

Did you nod your head yes to any of these questions? Are you excited at the idea of saving a tremendous amount of money and time using a pest control software? We created PestFocus Pro specifically for the needs of pest control and termite businesses to help save time and money. Would you like to see how much you could save? - request a free demo today!