The key to running any successful business is organization. A pest control business works with various techs and has to handle a number of clients, sometimes simultaneously, so organization is especially important for the company to function. We know that there will be fires that you will need to put out quickly, which is all the more reason to keep organization at the forefront of your business. PestFocus Pro is the one tool to help organize you pest control business, and here’s why:

Job Status Updates

There will be times where your team is in the field all day long. You need to be able to stay informed of their progress for each job. PestFocus Pro provides you with job updates and the location of your tech in real time, which allows you to keep your jobs and schedules organized. The mobile application makes it easy for your field techs to check off their job updates, and you can access that information whenever necessary (i.e. a client calls requesting a status on a job).

Item Tracking

Nothing says unprofessionalism like a field tech preparing for a job and realizing they don’t have the correct products they need to complete it. With accurate reporting on the chemicals and bait stations used by having techs check off products they’ve used at each job, you will be able to know when and where materials are being used. You can reduce waste by knowing if a technician has used too much of a product and have an understanding of when it might be time to re-stock. And if you have recurring customers, you will already know which chemicals and baits your tech will need for the job ahead of time.

Accessible Reports

You no longer have to worry about misplaced reports or deciphering tough handwriting either. When you use PestFocus Pro, all of your reports are electronic and accessible at any time. In addition, the app will ensure that your employees close out jobs before leaving the job site and that all required fills are completely filled out. The app can also store photos, contracts, PDFs, maps and other documents for particular jobs to help techs that visit that client in the future.

Billing Management

Unorganization can cost you, which is why we’ve created a customer billing portal where you can build customized templates that can be automatically emailed to your customers. The portal gives you access to customer’s open balances, outstanding invoices, credits, prepayments and more. And payments can be made easily via the app while techs are still onsite.

With the ability to log everything electronically, your company will work more efficiently saving you time, money and headaches. You’ll also appear very professional to clients, which can lead to returning customers and referrals, all with the help of one tool. Ready to streamline organization and efficiencies in your pest control business? Request a demo today!