Your Pest and Termite Business. Faster. More efficient. More profitable. A few clicks away.

One stop solution for your entire pest control and termite business, all in the palm of your hand
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What Makes PestFocus Pro so great for pest management companies?



A tool completely catered to your pest management business - your team will love how simple it is to use.

It brings you more money.

They say time is money - do more jobs in less time.

It modernizes you against the competition.

Your customers will be impressed with how new technology allows your business to get jobs done faster and more conveniently.

Gain complete control of your business.

Track your teams progress, get updates in real-time, automatically schedule jobs and invoices and collect payment online. See metrics on your business in real time.

Increase productivity.

Getting tired of all that loose paperwork? No need to worry - have all your documents at any time.

Full Termite Inspection support

With our unique termite workflow, the job from initiation at the office, to technician in the field and final report submission to the clients and state reporting is seamless, automated and fast!

Scales with your business.

PestFocus Pro scales with your business no matter if you’re a one-person team or a company with 100 users.

It's always being updated.

The latest features, improvements and updates are always being rolled out completely inclusive and free of charge.

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What our customers have to say about us…

“PestFocus Pro is awesome - this is the best I have ever had managing my pest business. The amount my clients owe me is at an all-time low.”
Johnny C., Pest Management Co.
“I cannot believe how much time I spent chasing paperwork before! Thanks to PestFocus Pro, I never have to chase the technicians for their invoices. What a headache saver!
Sally R., Billy’s Termites
“We ended up getting our own custom solution. PestFocus Pro worked with us attentively as they were able to create a software completely dedicated to us. You guys rock!
Kimberly L., Pest Management Co.

Your Pest and Termite Business. Faster. More efficient. More profitable. A few clicks away.

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